The New Hybrid SUV Fuel Efficient Car

The New Hybrid SUV Fuel Efficient CarVolkswagen introduced the concept of a Cross Coupe Hybrid SUV at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. They picked an excellent time and and even better place, as this new VW Coupe Plug-In Hybrid SUV was a stunner for the show. The look impressed everyone, but at the same time drew some confused looks. Is this a downsized CUV, or is it an upsized four-door coupe?

It not only is a brand new look in hybrid SUV’s, it is also the first vehicle built on the latest and much heralded new modular transverse matrix by Volkswagon. This may actually go into production soon so what will the upcoming VW Cross Coupe Plug-In Hybrid SUV look like.

There are three diverse power supplies under the hood, there are two 40 kW electric motors, one on each axle, producing 54 hp and 133 lb-ft of torque. The rear one drives the rear wheels while the front motor is for both the front and rear wheels. A 9.8 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery powers the motors. The third power source is a 148 hp direct injection turbo gasoline engine. Part of this powertrain is a dual-clutch seven-speed direct shift gearbox that enables the driver to disconnect the engine from the powertrain. This allows this hybrid to run on an all-electric mode that is good for 25 miles, making it one the most fuel-efficient cars.

This vehicle also presents a multi-mode drivetrain. This aspect gives the choice to configure the SUV for City (economy), Sports (performance) and Off-road (All wheel drive) method as desired. This Cross Coupe can easily hit the 0 to 60 mark in just 7 seconds with a top speed of 125 mph. This top speed reduces to 75 mph for the all-electric mode. What’s really astonishing is that this it delivers a fuel efficiency of 87 mpg. If indeed it is put on the market with this mileage then it will truly be one of the top fuel-efficient cars.

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The New Hybrid SUV Fuel Efficient Car