Display Cases For Diecast Cars

Display Cases For Diecast CarsSince my childhood I have been crazy about cars. When I was a child I had an ardent desire to get into my father’s car to drive and never  stop.

I used to watch the cars passing by our house for hours. The sounds of horns blaring always stopped me in my tracks. Now I am an adult and my passion for cars has grown even more.

I can’t remain indifferent to cars. My heart beats fast when I see an Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari passing by. Will I ever possess one? Unfortunately at this moment I can’t afford to own one of my favorite cars. And whenever I realize this, I get disappointed.

But like they say, there’s always a way out of a hopeless situation. Years ago my close friend Robert recommended that I start a diecast car collection. I took him up on his suggestion and started collecting diecast versions of my favorite Ferrari models. Then I switched to Mercedes-Benz, collecting whatever classic models I could find.

Now that I have dozens of cars, I need to keep them protected from dust and damage.  I needed to find the appropriate cases but didn’t know where to find them. Robert came to the rescue by informing me about special protective plastic diecast car displays that I could use. He told me that I could obtain plastic boxes from Pioneer Plastics injection molding company. So I visited their web site and found a bunch of boxes that would suit me just fine. While I was browsing their site I even found a cord holder to store my extension cords that I use when setting up the lighting for my displays at diecast car trade shows that I participate in.

Now my diecast cars are safe and I admire them for hours. Certainly I hope that one day at least one of my diecast cars will become real.

Display Cases For Diecast Cars