Toyota & GM Recalling 660,000 Vehicles

Toyota & GM Recalling 660,000 VehiclesIt has been quite a while since last posting about a recall of vehicles. However, Toyota and GM reminded us of such occurances with the recall of 660,000 cars because of window problems.

As AutoBlog reports, this is one aspect of joint manufacturing ventures that have to be accepted side by side with the benefits.

Joint manufacturing ventures allow both automakers to share resources and platforms, but unfortunately, it also means they share problems.

The recall concerns 540,000 Toyota Matrixes, Corollas and 123,000 Pontiac Vibes with faulty bolts that hold in the glass. Only after 500 complaints, 36 injuries and one crash did the manufacturers announce a recall, and maybe that was because of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The amount of recalled cars is really quite large, especially when you consider that all that vehicles will have to be fixed free of charge. No wonder Toyota and GM were delaying the recall. Anyway, for those of you with problems with your side-windows, make sure to contact recall services.

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Toyota & GM Recalling 660,000 Vehicles
  • Charlotte Hughes

    what i do like about the toyota corolla is its standard safety features.