A Brief Intro To Brake Discs For Audi A8 Models

There are three most popular disc frana for the Audi A8, including ones for 1999, 1998, and 1997 models. The 1999 brake discs have many beneficial features, including: 12.72-inches in diameter, 5 lugs, and are labeled ready for all engines and all models. These ’99 brake discs retail for around $113 (minus any applicable taxes, etc.) and can be found online or at foreign car part stores.

The 1998 disc frana Audi A8 option has similar features to the 1999 discs, but offer increased molybdenum content to extend reliability and helps to prolong the service life of the disc frana. They are generally sold individually, and the front passenger side disc retails for approximately $103.

A Brief Intro To Brake Discs For Audi A8 ModelsDisc frana Audi A8 1997 are sometimes harder to find than the ‘99s or the ‘98s, and are priced a bit higher as well. These are also sold individually and generally come with 5 lugs (similar to the other two). Replacements are also available, with features like: 12.4 inches in diameter, vented, precision machined and balanced, and inspected to ensure zero rotor distortion.

Professional installation is recommended on these disc frana, but if you are skilled at working on vehicles, you can certainly install your own. There are videos to help, if you need it, and some manufacturers recommend that you never use old brake pads with new discs. You might have to replace the pads along with the discs.

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A Brief Intro To Brake Discs For Audi A8 Models